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A Bromantic Consultation by slr2moons A Bromantic Consultation by slr2moons
A Bromantic Consultation by slr2mons/Sabrina Heep. ^^V Ren has asked his manager, Mr. Yashiro, to double-check a kanji reading, for the online dictionary he consulted beforehand via cell wasn't clear enough.

I deliberately chose to not use Skip canon's head-to-height ratio for the men. Nakamura-sensei can make 15-heads-tall look work, but I can't seem to pull it off. I also prefer Yashiro's pale blond hair from manga canon. I was very disappointed when the anime gave him such dark hair! I suppose they wanted him to contrast with Sho--and Reino if they made it that far. (They didn't, alas.)

The script's title is "Hatsushigure", and is an archaic word meaning the first rain to fall between late autumn and early winter. Isn't it poetic?? ^^ The mon (the family crest on Ren's yukata) is a horse because I love horsies and am not afraid to show it! I chose to dress Ren in traditional clothing because in 29 volumes of manga, we have yet to see him in it. In the spirit of "if you want it, draw it", I did. ^^V And finally, my favorite part of this pic is Yashiro's tie. I just love how it came out. It looks so silky and satiny! I want to pet it. X3

This pic is a tribute to the best Yashiro/Ren fic I have yet to find, A Manager's Devotion by Hazukashiijousan. In the fic, Ren teases Yashiro about owning a pink suit, and Yashiro insists its proper color is "angelic aubergine". I couldn't help but giggle over the distinction, and that settled the shade of Yashiro's suit for this pic.

Created 100% in Photoshop from sketch to final color. Only regular Photoshop brushes used. The texture in the background, the script, and Ren's yukata are actually manga screen tones. :D
winnett Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2012
Kawaii!! I love these two and you capture them perfectly! Good job. :)
slr2moons Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2012  Professional General Artist
Ahhh, thank you!! My two bishounen are pleased you find them so attractive. *giggles* Glad you like it!
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May 12, 2012
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